The Mellifluous Trash Talker

On August 26th, 2017, the world is going to witness the biggest fight of the century, Floyd “Money” Mayweather vs Conor “The Notorious” McGregor. To promote the fight, both the contenders did the four-city world tour, a.k.a MayMacTour last week. It started in L.A, going through Toronto and New York city, then ended in London.  The MayMacTour consisted a lot of heated exchanges between both the fighters. From excessive trash talks to money shower, thugs, and immense bling.

We already know that McGregor besides being a successful MMA fighter, reigning the Lightweight Championship, he is also quite popular for his trash talks. Everyone is always eager to see his pre-fight press conference. He tarnishes his opponents with his words as strongly as his punches and kicks. I would always wonder if Conor rehearses for his press conference. If he had a PR who would give him lines. If he had a script, which he would enact. But, hell no! This guy is impromptu. He just looks in his opponent’s eyes, creates a fear and intimidates his challenger emotionally and gives the audience a bang on press conference. He never repeats his words. He never repeats his lines. He has a good vocabulary for a trash talk. He lands strong punches both on the octagon and the press conference. I believe after the connoisseur boxer, the legend, Muhammad Ali, McGregor is the only guy who speaks with conviction and bravado.

The best part of McGregor’s trash talk is the way he attacks his opponents. He describes the moves, physical and mental readiness, the approach to the fight of his challenger in detail. Then he describes, how his combination of punches and moves would finish his challenger. He also tells the round, in which he would defeat his challenger. And astonishingly, he has defeated the contenders in the same round he says he would end the match. He spells out his game plan with full confidence and executes it with finesse.

I look forward to this monumental fight coming August the 26th. I am sure this would be the most spectacular pay-per-view in the history of pay-per-views. Two biggest contenders from two different institutions of fighting will go one-on-one and display a terrific show of brutality, valor, and honor.


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