Country Fair Market Masterplan

Country Fair Market is a site for infill development in Champaign. The master plan aims to to build a closely knit community through integrating mixed-use development with efficient transit services. This community is also surrounded by wide open spaces and walkable sidewalks which enhances the nexus of humans with nature.

The methodology followed to prepare this master plan was, first a socio-economic analysis of the site was conducted, which was then followed by an economic analysis. Then an analysis to understand the sewer network and the best management practices for stormwater runoff was conducted. This was followed by preparing an urban design paradigm for the site. Based on the previous researches the best suited urban design paradigm for the site was transit oriented development. Then a street layoiut and traffic study was conducted to understand the network of the urban design.
Based on the above researches conducted proposals for an augmented standard of living in a compact community is proposed.


Champaign county has been a very progressive county with a thriving development. The city is growing in terms of infrastructure and services. Since the major attraction in the county is University of Illinois, the city is penchant towards building facilities which cater to a young population. Country Fair Market is one of the infill developments in the city of Champaign, which promises for stirring development opportunities. It has spaces for creating mixed development with efficient transit and walkability.
This master plan gives an insight into Country fair market’s development opportunities. In order to make this master plan, regional analysis consisting of natural systems suitability and site analysis was done. The site analysis consisted of six different components of Country Fair. The first component of the Site plan was conducting a socio-economic analysis. This was followed by economic and financial analysis, which saw real estate potential of the site. Economic analysis was followed by site engineering analysis which consisted of stormwater runoff and water management. After analyzing the site engineering aspects of Country Fair Market, then a suitable urban design paradigm was chosen for the site. Lastly Street layout and traffic studies was conducted for Country Fair Market.

Natural Systems Suitability

The slope ranges from 0 to 5 per cent in Champaign city. The slope of most of the area in Champaign is less than 0.5%. This means that majority of land in Champaign is flat. These areas are moderately drained and are less vulnerable to ponding. The least are the type of land with a slope range from 2-5 percent.

The watershed of Champaign has been provided along with water sources such as pond, lake river and flood zones and hydrography

In these areas, soil is poorly drained and hence promotes flooding. In these places infrastructure for increasing water supply and ground water storage can be established in areas which depict major links for green infrastructure are rivers. These places have efficient drainage. These areas can be potential areas for making bio-diversity corridors. They would also help in reducing flooding. These areas can also be used for building great landscapes as it would provide constant water to plants. A lustrous landscapes enhances air-quality in the region.

Water Suitability1





The proximity of County Fair market to I-72 is the greatest strength to this location. This can aid in easy supply of resources for the businesses in Country Fair market from the nearby cities. A large number of residential areas to the east of Country Fair market is also one of the pros of the location as it can attract more customers at a frequent rate, compared to Downtown where you can witness most footfall only during weekends.
Transit plaza, which is one of the major stops for the campus town is 3 miles away and it takes at least 20 minutes to reach from Country Fair market. Hence students have difficulty in accessing this place, using a public transport.
Since majority type of housing in this locality is single family housing, mixed use development can be built, which could also increase the population density and can make the area more active in terms of social integration.
If there is an increase in population, it would also mean that there would be an increased usage in the number of cars and other vehicles on the road which would lead to traffic congestion.

Site Plan Country Fair

Urban Design



type-3-remix (1)type-3-remix



Country fair Market is a potential site for infill development, as the exisitng conditions of socio-economic characteristics, econmic performa, stormwater runoff analysis and urban design.

Given the attributes of its location, it is a perfect site to execute Transit Oriented Development. Since it is located between, south country fair drive and Springfield avenue and university avenue and mattis avenue, gives an ideal nexus between Country Fair Market and rest of Champaign. The socio-economic charectristics are ideal for creating a demand for such developments. The price is also good for the sales of such development. The land prices and the the population density are also ideal for developing a compact community. The sewer lines and the BMPs for stormwater runoff also provide a conducive environment for building a dense complex of multi-family residential apartments mixed with commercial spaces. Thus Country Fair Drive is the best location in Champaign to incept infill development.


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