Impact of Transit Oriented Development in Denver

An assessment of the impact of transit oriented development in Denver is conducted. The location of Light rail Stations and the accessibility buffer zones to walk and bike are compared to population density, average income and racial composition of Denver.

Based on the infrastructure, level of development, market readiness and transit oriented development readiness, the stations have been categorized into two categories Strategize and Energize.

  • Strategize: Stations that are still in pre-development planning phases either because the rail line is not complete or due to market or development factors that make TOD unlikely in the near term.
  • Energize: Station areas where there are above average market conditions for TOD and no significant development or infrastructure deficiencies impeding TOD from occurring.


Average Income



It is observed that the population density is not very high in the location of the TOD stations

Population Density

The average income of the population in and around the location of TOD station is very high compared to rest of the parts of Denver.


There is an equal proportion of White and Black population in the location of TOD station.

In conclusion, we observe that only the affluent population of Denver can enjoy the TOD services. The city should take measures to make the TOD locations more equitable so that people from different economic background can enjoy the benefits of a TOD community.


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